Our Factory

Our Factory


Star dust company primary products include spherical tantalum powder and tantalum alloy powder, spherical tungsten & tungsten alloy powder, spherical molybdenum and molybdenum powder, spherical niobium and niobium alloy powder, spherical titanium and spherical titanium alloy powder, Spherical refractory high entropy alloy powder, and high-end rare refractory metal and compound spherical powder, and also provide RF plasma spherodization service, plasma rotating electrode atomization service, 3D printing service, hot isostatic pressing, injection molding, powder metallurgy and other technical services.


Currently our main machines include:

TEKNA 40KW & 80KW Plasma machines; 

Ukrainian plasma rotating electrode equipment;

Sweden Quintus hot isostatic pressure equipments; 

German EOS3D printing equipment;

Metal injection molding machines etc.



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