Performance and uses of cobalt powder, price and color of cobalt powder
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Performance and uses of cobalt powder, price and color of cobalt powder

Nov 09, 2023

What is cobalt powder? Color appearance and form of cobalt powder.

Cobalt powder is metal cobalt in a powder state. Cobalt is a shiny steel-gray metal with a melting point of 1493°C and a specific gravity of 8.9. It is relatively hard and brittle. Cobalt is ferromagnetic and has many advantages in terms of hardness, tensile strength, machining performance, thermodynamic properties, The electrochemical behavior is similar to that of iron and nickel. The magnetism disappears when heated to 1150℃.

Cobalt powder chemical formula: CO

Cobalt powder crystal: spherical

Density: 8.9g/cm3

Cobalt powder particle size: 50nm 1μm -300 mesh -200 mesh etc. Nano level Submicron level Micron level

Cobalt powder purity: ≥ 99.99%

Cobalt powder color: black gray

Cobalt powder price, how much does one kilogram of nano-cobalt powder cost?

The price of cobalt powder generally varies with its purity and particle size. In addition, market trends will also affect the price of cobalt powder. How much does cobalt powder cost per gram? All prices are based on the price quoted by the cobalt powder manufacturer on that day.

How to choose cobalt powder? Characteristics of cobalt powder

The product particle size distribution range is narrow, the size is controllable, soluble in acid, magnetic, easily oxidized in humid air, easy to disperse and industrially applied.

Cobalt powder properties and uses

1. High-density magnetic recording materials take advantage of nano-cobalt powder’s advantages of high recording density, high coercivity (up to 119.4KA/m), high signal-to-noise ratio and good oxidation resistance, which can greatly improve magnetic tapes and large-capacity soft and hard disks. Disk performance;

2. Magnetic fluid produced from iron, cobalt, nickel and their alloy powders has excellent properties and can be widely used in sealing and shock absorption, sound adjustment, light display, etc.;

3. Wave-absorbing material metal nanopowder has special absorption effect on electromagnetic waves. Iron, cobalt, zinc oxide powder and carbon-coated metal powder can be used as high-performance millimeter wave stealth materials for military use, visible light-infrared stealth materials and structural stealth materials, as well as mobile phone radiation shielding materials;

4. Nano-cobalt powder is used in metallurgical products such as cemented carbide, diamond tools, high-temperature alloys, and magnetic materials.

5. Widely used in aviation, aerospace, electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, chemical and ceramic industries. Cobalt-based alloys or cobalt-containing alloy steels are used as blades, impellers, ducts of gas turbines, components of jet engines, rocket engines, missiles and various high-load heat-resistant components in chemical equipment, as well as important metal materials in the atomic energy industry. As a binder in powder metallurgy, cobalt can ensure a certain toughness of cemented carbide. Magnetic alloys are indispensable materials in modern electronic and electromechanical industries and are used to manufacture various components of acoustic, optical, electrical and magnetic equipment. Cobalt is also an important component of magnetic alloys. In the chemical industry, in addition to being used in high alloys and anti-corrosion alloys, cobalt is also used in colored glass, pigments, enamels, catalysts, desiccants, etc.

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