Factors affecting the selection of suppliers for spherical tungsten powder

Factors affecting the selection of suppliers for spherical tungsten powder

Sep 06, 2023

Factors affecting the selection of suppliers for spherical tungsten powder
To find a suitable supplier of spherical tungsten powder, it is necessary to conduct an investigation of the supplier. The factors to consider in the investigation of the supplier are usually the following.
1. Technical level. The technical level of spherical tungsten powder suppliers determines whether their products can be continuously improved and whether long-term cooperation can continue to develop.
2. Product quality. Spherical tungsten powder suppliers can provide stable product quality to ensure the stability of production and operation.
3. Production capacity. The production scale of the supplier must reach a certain level and match the enterprise to ensure the supply of the required quantity of products.
4. Price. If other conditions are the same as other suppliers, you can choose a supplier with a lower price.
5. Service level. The object of enterprise procurement is both products and services, and suppliers should be able to provide after-sales supporting services.
6. Reputation. Enterprises should choose suppliers with good reputation, stable operation, and good financial condition for procurement. Adhering to contracts, valuing reputation, and being able to deliver on time are factors that need to be considered when selecting spherical tungsten powder suppliers.
7. Quick response ability. The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and customers have higher requirements for enterprises, resulting in shorter delivery times.
8. Other factors. Such as geographical location, timely delivery, complete product specifications, supplier reputation in the industry, and supplier management level.
Supplier selection criteria for spherical tungsten powder:
There is a well-known "5R" principle in enterprise procurement. Similarly, 5R is also applicable to the selection of spherical tungsten powder suppliers and can serve as a principle and standard for supplier selection. The 5R principle includes timely, appropriate quality, appropriate amount, appropriate price, and appropriate location.
Among them, timely delivery is required for spherical tungsten powder suppliers to deliver on time, comply with the contractual dates on time, and cannot delay or supply irregularly.
Quality is the requirement for suppliers to provide high-quality products or commodities, and actively improve and stabilize the quality of their own products.
Moderate quantity refers to purchasing according to the economic order quantity. Suppliers of spherical tungsten powder not only need to deliver on time, but also deliver according to the order quantity. Otherwise, excessive goods will increase storage costs, accumulate procurement funds, and insufficient goods cannot meet production needs.
Price adjustment requires both buyers and sellers to have a reasonable and qualified price.
Suitability requires the purchaser to consider geographical location when selecting spherical tungsten powder suppliers. It is best to choose suppliers with close proximity, which is more conducive to communication and exchange between the buyer and seller, faster transaction processing, and reduced logistics costs.
Generally speaking, appropriate price is a requirement for lower material procurement costs, quality is a requirement for the service level and material product quality of spherical tungsten powder suppliers, and timely, appropriate, and appropriate delivery is a requirement for suppliers to deliver on time, in place, and in quantity.

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